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Not the the two F words, though both Fascist and Fucker apply to our GOP brethren (and in the case of fascist fairly describes their agenda).  

And none of the B words (bastards, bitches, bullshitters) no matter how apt they may be with respect to certain individuals.  Nor the C word, despite cocksucker being a wonderfully ironic comment on Rush’s latest whine.

And not the P word either, though I agree we should be using patriot to describe our dissent and activism.

No there’s another word, one unfairly disgraced by its association with certain righ wing crazies  in the 50’s, but nonetheless one that also has a very progressive heritage.  This is the word our Democratic officials and we should be using now every time we discuss in public another Republican outrage.

The word in question?  It’s just after the fold . . .
The word is UNAMERICAN and we should make it our word to describe the Republicans and their policies.

Here’s just a few examples:

It’s UNAMERICAN to pay journalists to promote GOP policies, then stonewall the investigation into who in the administration was behind it.

It’s UNAMERICAN to blow the cover of a CIA agent and put the lives of her contacts at risk merely to get revenge against her husband for pointing out this administration’s lies about Iraq’s nuclear program.

It’s UNAMERICAN to lie to the American public about the necessity for war in Iraq, and then to revise the reasons for going to war every time one is proven wrong.

It’s UNAMERICAN to claim the Social Security Trust fund isn’t a trust but merely an IOU, calling into question all debt instruments issued by The US Treasury, just so you can scare the public into dismantling the best social program our country has ever known.

It’s UNAMERICAN to change the House Ethics Rules and to replace the chairman of the Ethics committee, just so one scandal plagued Republican Leader, Tom DeLay, can avoid future ethics charges.

It’s UNAMERICAN to force Congress to vote on massive appropriation bills (thousands of pages long) prepared in secret, after introducing the bill at 3:00 A.M. and scheduling an up or down vote only 12 hours later, making it physically impossible for anyone to even read the entire bill, much less have a serious debate on its contents.

It’s UNAMERICAN to promote lies and otherwise smear the reputation of candidates for federal office who honorably served their country in wartime (Kerry and Cleland) merely for a cheap political advantage.

It’s UNAMERICAN to threaten judges with removal from office or even violence if they don’t vote the way you want them to vote.

It’s UNAMERICAN to pass a bill in order to intervene in any private civil matter involving one individual family in order to attempt to obtain a reversal of a verdict merely to score political points with your supporters.

It’s UNAMERICAN to eliminate constitutionally authorized bankruptcy protections for people who lose their jobs or suffer a catastrophic family illness while at the same time making it easier for wealthy individuals and corporations to shield their assets and avoid paying their creditors.

It’s UNAMERICAN to destroy the estate tax just so Sam Walton’s heirs and Paris Hilton can be bigger billionaires.

It’s UNAMERICAN to threaten to eliminate the filibuster rules in the Senate, overriding a tradition that has lasted since the dawn of our Republic, merely to obtain the easy appointment of right wing ideologues to the federal bench.

It’s UNAMERICAN to eliminate environmental regulations that protect the health of our children (mercury anyone?) merely to reward the energy and utility  corporations that fund your political campaigns.

It’s UNAMERICAN to provide moral and political support to vigilante groups (Minuteman ring a bell? whose leaders are associated with white supremacism.

It’s UNAMERICAN to force schools to teach religious creation stories and beliefs as the equivalent of well established biological and physical science.

It’s UNAMERICAN to call someone a traitor merely when they dissent from the policies of the current government.

It’s UNAMERICAN to run up the biggest deficits in our country’s history and lie about the fact that they are a direct result of your own tax cutting and spending policies.

It’s UNAMERICAN to intimidate intelligence analysts in order to obtain intelligence reports that fit your pre-conceived notions of reality.

It’s UNAMERICAN to appear before the committee investigating the largest loss of life on American soil from a foreign attacker, and lie about what you knew before the attack occurred.

It’s UNAMERICAN to threaten the mass murder of innocent people in political speeches just because they’re Muslims.

It’s UNAMERICAN to hide the facts about terrorist activity from the American people just because the truth doesn’t confirm that we’re winning the War on Terror.

It’s UNAMERICAN  to refuse to dispense medicine to patients that was legitimately prescribed by their doctors.

It’s UNAMERICAN to claim that the Founder intended to form a Christian Nation and never intended the separation of Church and State, when the Constitution specifically prohibits the establishment of any religion, even a Christian one.

It’s UNAMERICAN to pass laws allowing the Federal  Government to be able to search the library records of any American without a Court Order merely by claiming they may be a constitute a terrorist risk.

It’s UNAMERICAN to claim that American are not entitled to a right of privacy, and that Government should be entitled to decide what can be done with their bodies and what they may do in the privacy of their own homes.

It’s UNAMERICAN censor books that can be owned by libraries, or to burn books, or to claim that government (or anyone else) should have the authority to decide what can and cannot be avialable for people to choose to read.

It’s UNAMERICAN to condemn an entire group of people merely on the basis of who they are.

It’s UNAMERICAN to tell me what sexual practices I can engage in with my wife or any other consenting adult, based on someone’s interpretation of the Bible.

It’s UNAMERICAN to tell me what I can and cannot say about our Government’s leaders, especially regarding their war policies.

It’s UNAMERICAN to say I don’t support the troops if I oppose the war in Iraq.

It’s more UNAMERICAN to claim you support the troops at the same time you’re failing to provide them with adequate armor and forcing them to stay in the military past the original terms of their service merely to fight in an unnecessary war.

It’s UNAMERICAN to claim that the major opposition party should be eliminated and we should be under a one party rule.

It’s UNAMERICAN to demand a religious litmus test for judges and other governmental officials and politicians.

It’s UNAMERICAN to be for a theocracy.

Those are some of the things I think are Unamerican about the Bush Administration and its many minions in the far out right.  

In the thread below feel free to tell me what YOU think is UNAMERICAN about their actions and policies.

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