The definitions:
-the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints

-exemption: immunity from an obligation or duty

-Freedom is the right, or the capacity, of self-determination,as an expression of the individual will.

-A political condition that permits freedom of choice and action for individuals and also for individuals and groups to participate in the decisions and operation of the society and the political system

I use to feel free. I use to think I was a free spirit. I don’t feel free anymore. I don’t believe that America is the home of the free or the brave. “America is a free society.” NOT!  Freedom has left the room.

Freedom seems to depend on the amount of money one has. I am not free to live wherever I want to, to eat whatever I want, to take care of myself the way I need to.

I am free to eke by, but even that is dictated by the amount of money in my wallet and bank account.

Credit cards give me a little more ‘freedom’ but I have to pay that back with interest.

In conclusion Freedom is now synonymous with Money.

I think I still have ‘free will’, but I am not sure anymore. Seriously.

If anyone has real proof that you are free, would you please share your freedom with me? I really NEED to hear some proof.

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