(I put this up on DKos not at all sure that it would work out as an idea, It seems to have done, so I thought those of you on here might like to give it a go)

There is a fascinating questionnaire for all Brits on the Internet which tells them where their politics lie in relation to the remainder of the population in their area. It has some surprising results and is intelligently designed so is worth a few minutes of your time.

Have you ever wondered where you, as an American, would fit into the voting population of the UK.

Would you with your driving capitalism, death penalties, gun laws and dislike of public ownership be somewhere to the right of the most extreme? Now is your chance to find out!
You will be asked a different sort of question than those I posed above but I am certainly curious to see where you would stand in relation to the rest of your suddenly adopted fellow Brits in UK politics.

You will find  a bit of guidance to help you do the survey as an American and the actual link to the survey here

Enjoy. It is quite thought provoking. Come back here and tell us the result.

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