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We know who Tom DeLay is.  We know he’s an asshole, and we know that the more people learn, the more they dislike DeLay.  

But a lot of people don’t know who the hell he is… even after Schiavo grandstanding.  And even if they’ve heard of him, they don’t know about everything about him.  

I’ve yet to see any Ohio papers write anything on Bob Ney’s connections.  Have Georgia papers written about Ralph Reed’s connections?  

In any case, it’s time for us to let people know.  We need to raise his name recognition much higher. He’s currently at 42% according to Gallup

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Edited section from House Race Hotline:

With DeLay “piling up negative press” GOP insiders have “reason to worry” and some allies of DeLay are starting to. DeLay isn’t a “household name” in Taftville CT, Norristown PA, or Waterloo IA, communities with the most competitive House races of the year. But he could become a liability for House GOPers in ’06. A GOP insider: “I don’t see how they tie DeLay to the entire House of Representatives, or to individual House Members. Six months from now, we will be talking about something else.” Most people don’t read the Times or the Post and the stories about DeLay broke in the middle of the frenzy over the death of the Pope, but it wouldn’t be surprising if local outlets begin picking up on the DeLay “drumbeat.” When a long time GOP activist was asked about defending DeLay against media and Dem criticism he said: “I’m cautiously optimistic. But its not over yet.” The fact that it’s not over yet “ought to have” GOPers worried about ’06 (4/11).

Here are the relevant links (LTE info & DeLay/Republican rep info):

You can combine LTEs on DeLay with dishonesty about Social Security.  Double whammy. Info here: GOP Caught on Tape

It’s also a good idea to get in LTEs around the time ads are going to be running in a district.  If people are hit all over the place with a story, it’s likely to stick with them.  So get writing, even if you think others are takign care of it in the district.  Every little bit helps.  If your local paper is being a right-wing shill, call them on it. Use the “I’ll bet you are too chicken to print this.” line.
Here are the House members (to my knowledge) who are known to have been (or will soon be) targeted by TV ads or are being sharply criticized by local Dems:
Rep. Jim Nussle (IA01)
Rep. Roy Blunt (MO07) (Majority Whip)
Rep. Jim Gerlach (PA06)
Rep. Chris Shays (CT)
Rep. Rob Simmons (CT-02)
Rep. Nancy Johnson (CT)
(reply with other names below, please)

Other relevant links:

I’ve concentrated on the House members, but don’t forget about the Senators who are connected. Saturatation of DeLay’s ethical problems (in connection to the rest of the Republican Party) is key.  Write one even if you aren’t represented by a Republican.

Expressing agreement with editorials are important as well.  Hit these papers hard, if you can:


Via The Hotline: Jesse Jackson writes in Chicago Sun-Times, Now that the GOPers “that DeLay aided are starting to get a bit queasy.” They’ve “stayed loyal, arguing that DeLay hasn’t been convicted of anything. No wonder they are worried about the ‘odor of the Beltway’ sticking to them” (4/12).
     Lincoln Journal Star editorializes, “The most imperative reason” GOPers “should renounce DeLay’s leadership” isn’t because he’s “guilty of political miscues.” It’s “that his lack of respect for principles and ethics is showing.” The GOPers “can do much better” (4/12).
     Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorializes, DeLay’s “repeated defenses that his outrageous actions” don’t “violate any laws to bring to mind the words of another” politician: Bill Clinton. “And as Tom DeLay might remember, pride comes before the fall” (4/12).
     Deseret Morning News editorializes, “For the good of the nation” DeLay “needs to come clean” (4/12).
     Montgomery Advertiser editorializes, “It’s past time” DeLay “left the majority leader’s post” (4/12).
     The New Republic’s Chait writes in the Houston Chronicle writes, DeLay “has yet to be judged, but this much is clear: If you constantly violate the spirit of the rules, it will be hard to avoid the charge tha you violated the letter” (4/12).
     Birmingham News editorializes, The Dem campaign to “destroy” DeLay “aided and abetted by an eager national media would have far more credibility” if Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and others “were held to the same standards” (4/12).
     Christian Science Monitor editorializes, DeLay “needs to leave the dance floor of questionable ethical behavior.” If “he doesn’t, he may soon find he no longer has any partners” (4/12)

If the LTE format is too limiting for you, try your hand at an editorial.  Many local newspapers like to carry op-eds written by area residents. For tips on writing an edtiorial , read this diary:

In addition, more local newspapers have taken to allowing readers to participate online in doing some reporting/opinion writing. For more information, read: Going Local: Opportunity for Center-left’s Open-Source Journalism in the Mainstream

If there’s a local TV or radio call in show, please call in and try to get the DeLay stuff out there.  Just do something to make sure that DeLay = crooked Republican = (insert Republican here) from here on out.  DeLay’s name recognition isn’t as high as Gingrich’s, and DeLay won’t be as much of a liability for Republicans if it doesn’t get higher.  

Talk about it at work, with neighbors, family, and friends.  Email links to friends & family, too.

Go get ’em!

Consider making a couple of donations:
(I think DCCC could use a few bucks considering they’ve put together a really nice House of Scandal website, and they’re pretty behind the NRCC in cash on hand.)

Oh, yeah, consider making a couple of donations:

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Update [2005-4-18 0:10:16 by Newsie8200]: Even Some Bush-Backing Newspapers Are Hammering Tom DeLay

“It’s time for Republicans to renounce his leadership and choose a more principled and temperate representative as House Majority Leader,” the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star wrote in an April 12 editorial.

“Republicans have rallied around DeLay in the same loyal way that the Democrats circled their wagons around [former House Speaker Jim] Wright,” The Staunton (Va.) News-Leader wrote on April 12. “If you can’t count on your own party, who can you trust? But it is becoming rapidly clear that, in order to cut their losses and regain the moral high ground, DeLay must go.”

The report also cited editorials in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal, the Dallas Morning News, the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, and the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch.

And from DeLay’s home state, the San Antonio Express-News opined on April 8: “As disturbing as DeLay’s mounting controversies are the responses of Republicans to them. With each new allegation colleagues have remained steadfastly loyal to the man known as ‘The Hammer.’ This support sends a disturbing message to the voters: In defending DeLay, they align themselves with his alleged behavior.”

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