So many conspiracy theories, and so little time. On the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, I thought I’d remind everybody that some of our most powerful public servants wear tin foil hats. Here’s a peak into the wayback machine:

Discussing his soon-to-be-released Vanity Fair interview with the top Pentagon official, Sam Tanenhaus told WABC Radio’s Monica Crowley on Saturday: “Wolfowitz states that there’s a very strong connection, he’s convinced, between Saddam and the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. This is a very controversial idea and yet Wolfowitz embraces it and has for quite some time.”

The Vanity Fair writer added, “Also I was told by a source very close to him that Wolfowitz entertains the possibility that Saddam was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.”
Sunday, June 1, 2003 4:01 p.m. EDT
Jayna Davis

It all started with a woman named Laurie Mylroie, a Harvard Ph.D. in political science. Ms. Mylroie came up with an elaborate theory to explain how Saddam had been behind the WTC bombing in 1993. She ‘convinced’ the CIA director, James Woolsey, of the plausibility of the theory. She also convinced Mr. Wolfowitz, who wrote a nice blurb on her book jacket. For a great review of this history, read Peter Bergen’s piece from the Washington Monthly.

This theory was used to link Saddam to Ramzi Yousef, and Yousef is supposedly a relative of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of Project Bojinka, and The Big Wedding, (otherwise known as 9/11).

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Now, the blockquote above was from June 1st, 2003. In the aftermath of the invasion, the meme was spread around (once again) that Saddam had connections to al-Qaeda. Almost a year later, after Richard Clark published his book Against All Enemies, in which he eviscerated Ms. Mylroie’s theories, she responded:

Mr. Clarke singles me out for special criticism in his book, “Against All Enemies.” This is not surprising. He believes that Islamic terrorism is the work of a few individual criminals, many of them relatives. I have for years gathered the evidence that shows that terrorism is something more than a mom-and-pop operation: that it is supported by powerful states, very much including Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

She’s a persistant little bugger, isn’t she. So, what’s this got to do with the Oklahoma City bombing? Well, that’s where another women comes into play. Her name is Jayna Davis. She also has cast a spell on our heroic former DCI Woolsey:

Praise for The Third Terrorist

“This fascinating product of Jayna Davis’s near-decade of brave, thorough, and dogged investigative reporting effectively shifts the burden of proof to those who would still contend that McVeigh and Nichols executed the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing without the support of a group or groups from the Middle East.”
R. James Woolsey- Director of Central Intelligence 1993-95.

Do you see a pattern here? A “near-decade of brave, thorough, and dogged investigative reporting effectively” duped half the country into thinking Saddam was behind the first WTC bombing, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

So, today, as we mourn and remember those who died ten years ago in Oklahoma City, let’s also remember who exploited their deaths, and led us into war.

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