I first heard of Matt Taibbi when he began covering the Presidential campaigns for Rolling Stone magazine in 2003. One of the first articles of his that I read concerned his going ‘undercover’ as a Bush supporter and volunteer in Florida, and it was not only eye opening, but hysterical. He traveled with Kerry’s camp, the Dean camp, and the Bush camp, so he covered all sides of the coin.
He has released a book – Spanking The Donkey – On The Campaign Trail With The Democrats that looks to be worth a read for sure.

An excerpt is posted at Alternet, here: Beasts On The Bus.

His ‘Republican Undercover’ story for Rolling Stone, called ‘Bush Like Me’, can be read here.

This guy looks at politics from all sides – he is an equal-opportunity basher, and no one is exempt, not even the Dems. He provides an honest look at ‘America’ and her voters, or non-voters, as the case may be.

Mr. Taibbi’s quickly become one of my favorite writers. He is, as I mentioned, unflinchingly honest, no holds barred, and not very politically correct – but dammit, he is funny and talented and I enjoy his writings tremendously.

He writes for Alternet quite frequently, is a columnist for The New York Press, and is co-editor of the Moscow-based alternative newspaper ‘eXile’. He’s got excellent credentials, as far as I know, and to the best of my knowledge has never been granted a White House press pass and probably never will. 😉

I highly recommend Matt’s writings to everyone. Check him out if you get a chance.

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