Britain is gripped in an election fever of a ferociousness that I have never seen before. There is no point in time when one can say with certainty that a choice is critical to the future of generations to come but now must surely be one of them.

The country is at war in the Middle East, has real concerns about the economic future in a world rapidly running out of fuel resources whilst environmentally threatened by our own pollution of our planet. Under financed and under performing, our public services struggle to provide the basic care and safety net that our people crave. Shifting patterns in industrial strength are causing thousands to lose their jobs in a massive decline in the manufacturing base of the country.

There are long-term concerns about the declining and ageing population that only immigration can help resolve and a new constitution for Europe proposed that poses difficult choices between loss of sovereignty and a unified continent and between a liberal economic market and social security.

Small wonder that there are deep divides showing over this election. Town hall meetings are packed with huge crowds expressing their concern and raucously making heard their dissenting voices.  Television debates and Party Political Broadcasts  show up the sharp divides in the clearly delineated politics of the competing parties.

Except that does not appear to be happening. Decide for yourself.

This week you will get insights maybe, but you are more likely to get crying babies by the bucketful and elephants sitting on lounge sofas. Don’t ask me to explain. I will have to leave that up to Saugatojas and Febble.

What we do offer in the  diary is an extremely interesting demo of the UK Election that is well worth a spin

So, we serve up to Booman Tribune readers our pink elephant of a summary of events here

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