[Promoted from the diaries by susanbhu with a note on another underreported story: “[T]housands of Venezuelans are joining militia units created by the government to fight off anyone – especially U.S. troops – that tries to thwart President Hugo Chavez’s socialist ‘Bolivarian revolution.’ ‘We don’t want a Yankee country,’ said Julimar Garcia, a 29-year old government clerk who has been training with the Popular Defense Units since February. ‘If they put their feet down here, we’ll be ready to fight them off.'”].

Could this be a warning sign for Bush and Bug Bomb Tom?

Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez was ousted by Congress on Wednesday after a week of increasingly violent protests in which he was accused of abusing his power by meddling with the country’s top court.

Thanks once again to Mainstream Media for the advance notice and heads up on this one! Perhaps I must accept blame as well for not being able to keep up with world events as responsibly as I’d like…

In 2000, Gutierrez himself helped topple President Jamil Mahuad. He was briefly jailed for leading a coup and was elected in late 2002 with support largely from the poor.

Although the economy in the oil-rich country, also the world’s biggest exporter of bananas, has been flourishing there has been little relief for the country’s poor and Gutierrez’s support plummeted.

A man of dark, native Indian features, he promised voters a change after centuries of domination by a white elite.

Perhaps I need to slap on another layer of tinfoil, but doesn’t this sound a lot like Venezuela and Hugo Chaveza, where our government has been a busy little beaver…?

Is this another attempt at hemispheric oil resource stabilization/destabilization upon the part of Bu$hCo? I honestly am clueless about  this situation, but it has a “crude” smell…

I appeal to all you knowledgeable people out there to weigh in on clarification before I go out to buy more tinfoil…

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