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Since launching, I have received dozens and dozens of emails from people who are working, either on their own or with community groups, churches, or other organizations, to keep Wal-Mart out of their town.

I’ve decided to devote a new section of to these groups, which I have begun to build.
But I need your help. If you are involved in an effort to keep Wal-Mart out of your town, please come to the Wake-Up Blog and tell us about it. Even if you are not directly involved, if you know of any such groups in your area, ask them to speak out here, or tell us what you know about them.

We are looking for links to news articles, websites of community groups, personal stories, and anything else you feel like sharing.

Please help us build this new section, which will become an informational database, along with tools and advice on methods that have worked to keep Wal-Mart out.


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