This morning’s Austin American Statesman has an article that introduces us to a family that would be destroyed by Rep. Robert Talton’s, [R (of course)-Pasadena] hateful amendment to the Child Protective Services bill (brought to the attention of BooTrib folks by tom 47 yesterday).

Gay foster parents decry proposed ban

Eva Thibaudeau, back from left, Christina Rodriguez and Rep. Garnet Coleman expressed their opposition Wednesday to a proposed ban on gays in foster care. Thibaudeau and Rodriguez brought their children with them, front from left, Isaiah, 10; Quincy, 2; Saleem, 9, and Maya, 2.

Rep. Coleman, of course, is a Democrat.

A lesbian couple who have been foster parents to almost 80 children said Wednesday that a proposed ban on gay foster parents would unnecessarily end care for thousands of well-looked-after foster children in Texas.

“There is such deeply entrenched homophobia and hatred, and that’s what this is about,” said Eva Thibaudeau of Houston who, with her partner, Christina Rodriguez, has been providing foster care for eight years. “It’s not about the best interest of children.”

Of course it’s not about the best interest of children. It’s about pandering to the Republican “base.”

The Statesman editorial board weighs in as well:

Narrow-minded amendment

It’s difficult to gauge what’s more outrageous in the House’s amendment barring gays, lesbians and bisexuals from being foster parents: the appalling ignorance behind the amendment, or the potential harm to children in foster care.

There is no objective reason to prohibit gays from being foster parents, and none was offered in the Legislature. There are no studies suggesting that homosexuals are any worse than heterosexuals at caring for children; it’s just a bias, plain and simple. . . .

It is shocking that 81 House members supported Talton’s ridiculous amendment. It would be a show of integrity to have that amendment stripped from an already difficult bill when it goes to conference.

OK, Texan BooPeople, start making those calls and writing those letters. The Democrats in the lege are standing up and speaking out. The Statesman has put faces on the real parents and real children who would be hurt by this. Most Texans, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, know that this amendment is wrong, plain and simple. As Kerry said when he was in Austin last week – hold your representatives accountable. Let them know there will be a political cost when they vote for legislation that hurts the people they work for.

The bill has to go to conference now, so contact both your state senator and representative. Find out who they are and their contact info here.

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