I wanted to do a food and gardening diary and Chocolate Ink suggested I link it to Earth Day and here is the rest of her thoughts which were so well said I thought I would just include here:

“How many organic gardeners are out there or how many try and do some organic things in their garden, composting etc.  Food the same way, you can always tie it in to a slightly political thought…whose vegetarian or whatever, what are good recipes for that or links to recipe sites.  Of course I’d go with chocolate recipes myself..

So do you have any favorite recipes to share or links to good recipe or food sites.
How about organic gardens, do you have one, or do you have any kind of garden.  What are you favorite things to grow.  Tips, tricks, hints, anything you want to share.  If you love your garden, tell us why?
Even if you have no vegetable garden, do you grow any plants.  Tell us what your favorite trees, plants and flowers are. How much time do you spend gardening.

Food:  What are your favorites types of food, traditional foods that you have in your family, recipes or links to sites you love.  How does your traditional family food link you to your ancestors.

How does food and gardens and nature itself connect you to the great Mother Earth, and does it make you want to do more to protect her?  Do you have any special projects you care about or work on?  

Picture welcome too, of your gardens and even of food you have prepared.  Digital cameras come to the rescue.

And Chocolate, I’m waiting for a good chocolate comment from you, thanks for your help.

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