I was physically sickened by this video of the 5 year old girl’s arrest in handcuffs. The female host was visually horrified as the asswipe male host “spinned” that this was somehow acceptable behavoir from TWO TEACHERS AND THREE POLICE to handcuff a five year old girl.

The little girl was set up (hence the videoing) … why the hell would they arrest her at the time she was sitting quietly? Where is the rest of the tape?

There was no excuse and the supervisors should be immediately arrested themselves.

Children are children and not adults!!!!

They are not to be judged by the same rules.

As many times I would have loved the “discipline” a howling child in the mall … I KNOW IT IS WRONG because I AM AN ADULT.

How are we to be a compassionate society that supposedly protects children, when teachers and police act in this cruel and unusual manner with the blessing of the media and school board administrators.

If you haven’t see this watch it and listen to the school board wingnut saying that this will be par for the course in schools from now on.

…before even clicking on the link … something told me that this could not have been a white child. What a powerful visual for African American children to see in the US … it says you will never be safe… in this country.

Justice = Just Us – R. Pryor

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