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TWA stands for Travelling While Arab  —  our new equivalent for what domestically used to be DWB = driving while black.

Below the fold I have included the text of an email I just received off of a listserv for alums from my college.  I thought it might be something of which kosscaks and others should be aware.

Other than complaining to public officials about this kind of thing, I do not know what else can be done, except perhaps also to publicize.  I know no more specifics than what is offered below the fold.  Read —  but definitely do NOT enjoy.
A friend of mine, an American, recently returned to the States after a number of years living abroad. With him went his wife (Palestinian) and new-born daughter. They have been living in Missouri since January.

My friend and his wife met and married in the US, where she had studied bachelors from U of Colorado, I think). When they arrived at the port of entry (O’Hare) in January, there were no hassles.

However, the wife, who is a Canadian citizen, took their daughter to visit her parents in Toronto. When she went to board the plane to return home, an American immigration officer, after taking her aside for questioning, refused her entry and told her she would be arrested if she were to try again. She seems to be guilty of TWA (Traveling While Arab). This occurred on Saturday,

April 23.

I don’t know what papers she may or may not have, but my friend told me these details over the phone last night:

    1)    There is a process whereby she can apply for entry to the US, with a minimum wait of four months for a reply.

    2)    The Senator’s office told my friend, and this seems to have been confirmed

by the Congressman’s office and a prominent lawyer in town, that all formerly-existing avenues to get favors done have been closed for reasons of homeland security.

I suggested, for lack of any other ideas that my friend contact the ACLU.

Can anyone here offer any sound advice about how to proceed? My friend, under the shock of this situation is at his wits’ end.

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