Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter you read the following and stop giggling, tune in via the ‘net at 1PM PDT — call the live studio — (206) 543-KUOW, (800) 289-KUOW, (800) 289-5869, or e-mail the show:

A few months ago, President Bush and the Republicans must have felt on top of the world. Electoral victory, big plans for shaping policy, a united party. So what happened? Fast forward to today. Social Security privatization is stalled, the John Bolton nomination is in trouble, the idea of ending judicial filibusters is not getting off the ground, poll numbers are falling fast, and divisions in the GOP are coming into sharper relief. Meanwhile, the Democrats are employing a shrewd strategy of sitting back and doing as little as possible. On The Conversation, are Republican struggles a result of a little bad luck or a failed strategy? Guest: Gail Russell Chaddock, Congressional Correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor.” More below:
Seattle’s NPR station, KUOW, has terrific local programming. And from the phone calls that come in to the shows, it’s clear that people across the nation — and the world — listen every day.

Luckily, as I was looking for a fun political cartoon to put with this story, I ran across today’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross: “Scoring Political Points in Editorial Cartoons”:

“Editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson has won both fans and awards for the edgy messages often found in his seemingly conventional drawings. His ideas — and the way he presents them — recently led to a Pulitzer Prize for Anderson, who at 34 is a syndicated cartoonist based at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky. His cartoons have appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among other papers.”

Check for your local schedule, or listen to today’s show on the ‘net.

A couple more of Anderson’s cartoons — featured in a slide show at the NPR site:

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