That “spin” you’ve heard that’s promoting the notion that the annual statistical report on international terrorism “is a new effort that flows from the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission”? It’s “pure, unadulterated horse manure,” says former CIA and State Dept. intel expert Larry Johnson, who goes on to cite CIA annual reports dating back to 1981.

Why the spin? Johnson says the “number of significant incidents of terrorism in 2004 (a significant incident means someone was killed, wounded, or kidnapped or there was property damage greater than $10,000) was the highest ever recorded. In addition, the number of fatalities is the second highest total recorded in 37 years–2001 still holds the infamous record for first place.”

“What is truly ironic,” Johnson notes on his Counterterrorism Blog, “is that although the 9-11 Commission called for greater coordination within the intelligence community and between the intelligence community and policymakers, it is [Phil] Zelikow, the Commission’s former Staff Director, who is leading the charge to hinder such cooperation.”

  – From “THE FACTS ABOUT “PATTERNS OF GLOBAL TERRORISM” (UPDATED with released “Country Reports on Terrorism 2004” and NCTC Chronology). Check out the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC)’s new “Chronology of Significant International Terrorism for 2004.”

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