Where else. Florida:

MIAMI (Reuters) – Seven Arab American men filed a $28 million lawsuit against a Denny’s restaurant in Florida saying the manager kicked them out and told them, “We don’t serve bin Ladens here …”

They sued the restaurant owner, Restaurant Collection Inc., and former manager … saying they were harassed, humiliated and refused service at the Denny’s in Florida City, southwest of Miami, in January 2004.

… [T]he men had not ruled out an additional lawsuit against the Denny’s chain, which paid about $54 million in 1994 to settle a discrimination suit filed by black customers. … Rest of the story below:

The Florida lawsuit said the men visited the restaurant early in the morning of Jan. 11, 2004, and, after long delays, were seated, given menus and served drinks.

After waiting more than an hour for their food while later customers were served, they asked twice about their order. The lawsuit said Ascano told them “Bin Laden is in charge of the kitchen.” Asked about the reference to the al Qaeda leader, he swore and told them, “We don’t serve bin Ladens here” and ordered them to leave, the lawsuit said.


The lawsuit was filed in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court on April 22 and asks for $4 million for each of the seven men, who live in the Boca Raton area. They are of Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian descent and all but one are U.S. citizens, Hannah said. One owns a restaurant.

“They are all earning a living and are respectable and respectful citizens,” Hannah said.


After the 1994 settlement with black patrons who said they were denied service or made to pay in advance, Denny’s apologized and has greatly increased minority ownership of its franchises and minority hiring at restaurants and suppliers.

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