Since Mindmouth seems to be busy these days and she is the one who previously posted a Tell us About you diary, I decided to take up the mantle and put up a diary so that those of you who are new to this site (numbers are rising every day, I see) can tell us a little about yourselves.   Also,tell us how you came to the site.
If you are not so new to the site update us or tell us how you feel or deal with the following or feel free to add your own subject:
How do you make ends meet with rising costs in so many areas, food, gas, health care, etc.
Do you have a garden to supplement your food supply?
Have any suggestions or hints you would like to share?

Why do you like political blogs and what are your favorite sites to find info or just to blog.
How do you cope with stress especially political stress?
How do you like Booman Tribune?  
What features do you like best or worst about Booman Tribune or what type of articles do you like best.

I’ll start by saying that I love Booman Tribune because if feels like a family.  I am constantly impressed by the intelligence of the members of this site, the well rounded educations, the excellent writing skills, and the willingness to share and teach and to poke a little fun or add a note of levity to enrich our days.
I have made some great friends on this site and I salute you all for the fine work you do everyday making these pages a great reading and participating site.

So it’s your turn now, talk.
I added the smoking question as a poll, because we had a good discussion about this yesterday.
And don’t forget to tip Booman for hosting this site.

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