OSHKOSH, Wis. – It’s a choice that could give pause to some Green Bay Packers fans.

A judge ordered an Appleton woman convicted of theft to decide whether to spend 90 days in jail or donate her family’s Packers tickets next season to charity.

Sharon E. Rosenthal, 59, took more than $3,000 from labor union accounts before she left the organization, using the money to help pay household bills, according to a criminal complaint.

Judge Scott Woldt offered her the decision to either serve the jail time or donate her family’s four seats in the Packers’ three-game season package to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The jail time or the ticket donation will occur as part of Rosenthal’s overall two-year period of probation.
CBS News

Sharon wisely chose to give up her Packers tickets. Is this cruel and unusual punishment? What would Scalia say? What about aspiring NFL Commissioner, Condi Rice?

Since it is Frivolous Friday, what crazy/odd stories do you have to share? Any Darwin Award nominees? Bizarre judicial decisions? Things so weird, no one could have made them up?

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