I admit I am behind the times. It was only after the election I discovered how great is the West Wing television show. Thanks to a friend who let me borrow his DVD’s. I spent many a night plowing thru episode after episode. So you can imagine my frustration when I ran out of DVD’s.

Grace be to God Amazon.co.uk releases the series DVD’s before the US. So I preorder Season Five and couldn’t wait to get it into my hot little hands.

Having the opportunity to watch this for the first time with the aid of 20/20 hindsight has been thoroughly enlightening. It is obvious the West Wing was “gotten” to.

  • Charlie is agreeing with school vouchers,
  • Barlet puts a certifiable theo-wingnut on the bench that is somehow suppose to counteract a female judge who has had an abortion…like the two are equaled…they even have Charlie agreeing with his racist defense of dismantling Affirmative Action. To really rub the salt in …they Jeb have agreeing to make recess appointments of Federal judges.
  • Tax cuts to stay at home Moms is not such a bad thing and again is put on the same par as child care allowances for those Jezebelle’s who dare to leave the home and work.
  • Continuing this debauchery the Barlett Administration openly and purposely screws the Unions.
  • Oh yeah… Personal accounts (not private) are on the table to save Social Security.

These are just a few examples… this is so sad I don’t even think I can bring my self to see the rest of the series.

I know to most this is old…but to watch this with “new” eyes it is really an eye-opener.

Knowing now… what no one knew then… it is interesting to see the characterizations of some of the “players”. There is a whiny light skinned African American man working in the realm of defense who is constantly hand wringing and afraid of taking bold steps and aggressive actions against our enemies.

Then there is this new bald headed “reporter” who suddenly is in the in and asks questions at every press briefing and even is considered by CJ a go to guy when she wants a tête-à-tête with powerful reporters.

What I wanna know is who the hell is Guckert sleeping with… because who ever it is they are in love with this man… idolizing him in front of the whole nation is really a creepy turn-on.

And … I hope people are not misunderestimating his pull with who ever he is having sex with in the WH … the fact that he has not been found in a ditch somewhere with a suicide note is very telling indeed.

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