I can’t find any word on the fate of the 21-year-old Yemeni woman, and mother of a 2-year-old (from a prison rape) scheduled to be executed by firing squad today for supposedly killing her husband when she was 14 — although thousands of people have rallied to her defense this weekend. (Anyone able to call Yemen?)

… In the meantime …

The Independent scoops Tony Blair’s secret plan to upgrade the UK’s nuclear weapons:

Tony Blair has secretly decided that Britain will build a new generation of nuclear deterrent to replace the ageing Trident submarine fleet at a cost of more than £10bn – a move certain to dismay thousands of Labour Party loyalists in the approach to polling day.

And, in the latest of four bloody days in Iraq that left over 100 Iraqis and 3 U.S. soldiers dead, the Los Angeles Times reports:

A suicide bomber on Sunday plowed his vehicle into a tent packed with mourners at a Kurdish funeral in the northern city of Tall Afar, killing at least 25 people and wounding 30 others as insurgents continued their campaign of violence.

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