After yesterday’s marathon I thought you might like a bit of light relief. (The real excuse is that I have been out at the LibDems London Rally and should post about that but I left it a bit late).

Anyway, onto the beef. You thought you have a perky number in Laura Bush. She is a lapcat compared to the first lady in Kenya. If you missed it, she has gone into the offices of a newspaper in Nairobi and slapped down at least one of the journalists for criticising her.
The story goes back to last Saturday. The outgoing local director of the World Bank was having a party in the garden of the house he rented from the President Kibak after he moveed into the Presidential residence. Kibak had kept a building in the compound for his own use Presumably he likes to get away from one or other of his two wives who reportedly hate each other.

Lucy Kibak, the senior wife recently announced that her husband would seek re-election in 2007. Kibak is thought to have suffered a stroke and may be incompetent to run the country so this is a bit like Nancy announcing Ronnie Raygun was after a second term.  

Lucy crashed the party saying the music was too loud and trying to disconnect the amplifier. She did not help the situation by putting down the director’s mother for bringing him up badly as she was leaving. She have also complained to the local police station.

Now the press in Kenya is not as deferential as it used to be when Arap Moi was in power. Tapes of the incident were played on the radio and the papers reported the row in detail. In retrospect they ought to have known what they were letting themselves in for.

Tuesday Lucy stormed into the offices of the main paper, She plonked herself down in various editor’s chairs complaining about the “lies” and demanding the arrest of the reported who wrote about the party. When a photographer tried to get a picture, she slapped him round the face and tried to wrestle the camera from his hands.      

Tuesday was World Press Freedom Day

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