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Join the 1000 club today and soon it will be the 2000 club? That’s the goal for new members today, the member who get the 1000 number will get plenty of mojo from us oldtimers, I think, what say oldtimers?

I am putting up another Tell us About You diary because the last one is getting too big.If you want to check out all the members who have contributed so far; here are links to the first 2.



I invite all the oldtimers on this site to join me in welcoming newbies to the site or add in your own comments.So tell us about you, we love to hear your stories and see your pics. and have you here to share this site.

Please tell us if you are male or female in your comment if you don’t mind sharing that with us.

Oldtimers are welcome to contribute to this page, with their own story updates, pics or whatever; have a good community chat about ourselves.

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