Pat O’Brien, the longtime host of Access Hollywood, has apparently had a major fall from grace.  I only discovered this because I saw Dr. Phil talking about the fiasco on Larry King Live: transcript.  Dr. Phil was promoting his major primetime CBS special, where he will confront Mr. O’Brien, on tape, about his dirty mouth and his drug and alcohol problem:

Dr. Phil McGraw will “confront O’Brien about the incidents that led up to his stay in the recovery program, the issues he faced while in treatment and the stories about his personal life that made headline news,” CBS said Friday.

The hour-long special will air Wednesday at 8 p.m. (ET).

O’Brien, host of “The Insider” syndicated entertainment newsmagazine, is expected back at work Thursday after undergoing treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation program. He exited the program April 24.

A recording of obscene phone messages left by what sounds like O’Brien’s voice hurtled around the Internet while he was gone and became frequent water cooler talk.

O’Brien will talk about how he will deal with his colleagues when he returns to work and how to approach life without alcohol, CBS said.

He’ll also appear May 5 on the syndicated “Dr. Phil” talk show.

Apparently I have missed out on one of the funniest celebrity humiliations since Bill O’Reilly threatened to take falafel sandwiches into the shower.

***none of this is work-safe***

Download Pat O’Brien’s Dirty Voice Mail Messages

See a whole web site dedicated to Pat O’Brien’s cocaine habit and dirty phone calls

Go here to watch a silly movie about Pat O’Brien’s sexual advances/harassment.

These are the things I miss while trying to take the world seriously.

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