Update [2005-5-3 19:47:33 by BooMan]: No one has been listing their own blogs so that I can create a BooTrib Member Bloglist and put the link in the Blogroll. Just link to BooMan on your blog, and I’ll link to you in the BooTrib Member Bloglist.

Hey folks.  I have been doing some research and some number crunching.  And I have discovered a few things.  For this site to be successful I estimate that we need to get to an average of 3,000 individual visitors per day.  Once we reach that level of traffic, the site will start to appear on a variety of different blog trafficking monitors, and we will get tons of free advertising.  This should cause a small explosion in traffic.  And the advantages of the SCOOP software, and the recommended diary features, will give this blog a big advantage over a lot of sites in that traffic range.

For me to maintain this site, I not only need to sell advertising, but I need to sell it at a higher price.  It is an unfortunate reality, but I am not independently wealthy.

Currently, we are averaging 1,315 visitors a day.  That is very good for a site that is not yet two months old. In fact, we’ve seen a 33% uptick in traffic in the last two weeks. But I need to get to 3,000 fast.  

We currently have 780 users.  I am very surprised at how quickly we have grown the registered user base.  I’d like to make a push for 1,000 users as part of a plan for getting to the 3,000 visitor goal.

So, I’m asking for your help.  If you know anyone who advertises on the internet, tell them about Booman Tribune.  If you maintain your own blog, please put Booman Tribune on your blogroll, and submit your blog domain in the comments.  I will collect all your blog domains and create a BooTrib Blogger link for the blogroll.

If you know any tricks for how to bring more traffic to the site, please let me know about it.  It would be fantastic if you could write a nice review about the site at Amazon.

As for new members, if you know good bloggers that would like to contribute diaries, or if you have friends from dKos that haven’t made it to the site, or know anyone who might be interested in having their ideas published… please invite them to become members.

BooTrib is off to a great start, and I love the small feel, as I know many of you do as well.  But if the site is going to be viable, it has to grow, and I think we can get to 3,000 visitors and 1,000 members if we all pull together and give a little push.

I really want to thank everyone in advance.  We have maintained such a nice atmosphere, and everyone seems to get along very well.  You are all trusted users to me, and we’ll need all of you when the trolls finally make their appearance.

Thanks again,


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