On Tuesday the Sun newspaper had a big hagiography of Blair including a shirtless picture of him and an interview with his wife who implied he is a “five times a night man”. The front page was a picture of Blair and his wife and the oversize headline “Why Size Matters” This multipage spread in the (Rupert Murdoch owned) Sun was picked up by the (Rupert Murdoch owned) Sky News. Today The Sun reported the Sky News correspondent (yes they do cross-promote like this for free):

“”I just want to ask you quickly — is it really five times a night?”

Mr Blair blushed and said: “What?”

Sky News: “That is what Cherie said in the paper.”

Mr Blair: “I think that was a joke. I clearly hope so. At least you’ve made me blush — first time in the campaign.”

The Blairs opened their hearts about love, marriage and family in our interview.

Political experts yesterday said they believed it would increase Labour’s vote by boosting interest in the election and showing the PM as a loving husband and dad.

How the Blairs defy the Catholic Church below the fold.
Unusually for a British politician Blair makes much of his Christianity. Although his wife is a supposedly devout catholic, he is not but has Marian tendencies. Hetnds to make a big show of attending catholic services. At John Paul II’s funeral, Cherie was in full black mantilla.

All well and good. And as good Catholics the pair have bred three more devotees. The two older boys are at university, indeed the couple purchased two apartments for one of them to use. (These were later sold off when they had to put the deposit down on their £5 million house in a fashionable London Square) Cherie has also produced a sprog since they have been in No 10, indeed they kicked Gordon Brown out of the apartment in No 11 Downing Street as it was bigger for the Blair family. I suppose Brown living over No 10 makes up for Blair hanging on past his use-by date and keeping Brown waiting to succeed.

Now with all Blair stories there is a bit of inconsistency when you look at them closely. How come Tony “Five times a night” Blair and Cherie “my daddie played Alf Garnett’s son” Booth have only had three kids? With artificial birth control being considered a sin, did Cherie have something to Confess all those years?    

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