Nothing witty or pithy or probably even intelligent to say here, I’m just plain ol’ tuckered out.

So much to process, so much insanity going on with no respite how am I supposed to keep up?

A couple of kossacks the other day pointed out that perhaps that is the master plan…

… Distract us with so many outrageous issues that can keep us worked up that we ignore the big picture.

I tend to agree, but then again a lot of these small issues are part and parcel of the larger destruction of society and the imposition of the RWC agenda.

So how do we stay focused and decide which issues to focus our energies on and which are just smoke-screen? I for one can’t be this worked up about EVERYTHING. I can’t. For my own health and the sanity of those who I come into contact with on a daily basis, I can’t.

So what do you think Kossacks/ Boo’pers (okay I just made that up and I’m not sure it even makes sense..) — what are the issues you feel are of paramount importance and ones we should never lose sight of as the latest injustice or bullshit is thrust upon us?

My personals are:

Iraq – the destruction of the Constitutional right for the Congress to declare war

Torture – the end of America as a beacon of hope in this world… no worse than the worst of your enemies

Class Warfare – the re-distribution of wealth from the middle class to the super rich and the destruction of the social safety net

Separation of Church & State – the destruction of the Constitution and the impositon of state sponsored religion

Propaganda – the end of rational thought and knowledge & the creep of totalitarianism

Environment – the destruction of the planet and stealing from future generations to satisfy insatiable greed

Agree/ Disagree/ am I missing a big one? And… does anyone else feel like sometimes it’s just too much to deal with (even with as big a community as we have at dkos or here).. or do I just need a nap?

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