Ok.  First, let me thank everyone for their input/suggestions.  I am sure that we will use much of what has been suggested going forward, and please feel free to add to this and the initial diary on an ongoing basis–I will check back on them.  
After discussions with BooMan, it has been decided that we will do an initial offering of coffee cups with the logo and the official motto “We Won’t Rest Until They’re Frog-Marched Out”.  Seems kind of like back-sliding, we obviously could have run with that in the first place, but as I said, some of the ideas generated in the initial diary will be used going forward.  Two big reasons for going this direction are simplicity and initial expense.  Checking on the total number of cups that will be in the initial run, so unsure of that at the moment, but looking at including a hand-signed “Thanks” from the big Boo himself to be shipped with the cups in the initial run.  
Please don’t be to disappointed, all, I promise to jazz it up a bit with the next offering.

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