no gay sperm donors, no democrats in churches, no choice for women, no non-christian judges, no science… brick by brick, the house of reason is being demolished


   “Evolution is a great theory, but it is flawed,” said Martin, 59, a retired science and elementary school teacher who is presiding over the hearings. “There are alternatives. Children need to hear them…. We can’t ignore that our nation is based on Christianity — not science.”


    [H]earings in Topeka, scheduled to last several days, are focusing on two proposals. The first recommends that students continue to be taught the theory of evolution because it is key to understanding biology. The other proposes that Kansas alter the definition of science, not limiting it to theories based on natural explanations.

it’s ironic in a way… since the renaissance and the scientific revolution, science has often been decried as a religion of its own… in some ways that’s true… but, while scientific rigor has occasionally conspired to silence alternative voices, the scientific method still stands as the most fundamental system of solid reason we have… it appears now, if our fundamentalist christian fellow citizens have their way, it may soon be gone…

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