There comes a time for many of us when whe have to decide whether to go on deluding ourselves or whether we should face facts. Prime Minister Blair is at one of those crossroads.

Male baldness is one of those things you accept or take increasingly desparate steps until you just become a laughing stock. Blair will not now have to lead into another election. Should he face facts and accept he is rapidly balding? This is the picture that Blair and his image makers like to portray.

But a candid shot during the election as he was windblown by a helicopter reveals the truth. The Blair hairstyle is an extra-ordinary confection that makes the “Bobby Charlton” (combover) look primitive.

Blair has both a receeding forehead hairline and a thinning crown. The surrounding areas have been grown so the crown is covered in “Shredded Wheat” but it is the front where things really go wild. Hair from the side and back has been grown and parts of it curled so they produce rolls that can be linked to the tuft at the front. One of those curls is the lump that rises above his left brow. The other long strands are combed into these rolls to produced the illusion that his hairline starts at the isolated tuft.

Berlousconi had a transplant but maintains a very short style that reveals the extent of his loss. I suppose it is interesting to speculate whether Blair’s hairstyle indicates how he came to delude himself over Iraq’s non-exixtant nukes. Is it time for him to come clean about his own WMD (Wig Maker’s Dilema)? Should we send in Inspectors to search for follicle-related activity?

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