I am a progressive Democrat in Brooklyn, NY and a member of the Kings County (Brooklyn) Democratic County Committee. I am working hard to organize Progressive Democrats around the nation. Part of my efforts is to send out a weekly Progressive Democrat email newsletter that is currently read around the nation including by about 8 former and future Congressional candidates from NY, NJ, VA and FL. In this newsletter I focus on various issues such as Media reform, election reform, judicial nominees, etc and I mainly focus on encouraging activism among my readers. More below.
Many readers give me very positive feedback including postive diaries on Daily Kos:


a kind mention in the newsletter of my local Congressional candidate:
http://voteowens.com/news/newsitem.php?section=PRS&id=2678&showcat=2&seq=2 (third paragraph under THE PURPOSE OF “CHRIS OWENS NEWS”)

and here is a blog that invited me to archive my national edition on their website:


I currently have Manhattan, Brooklyn/Queens, New Jersey, Virginia and National editions. I am open to starting more editions if I get enough readers in any given area (so if you want an issue specific to your state/town, recruit a bunch of readers and you may get your wish!). Each edition covers many of the same things, but has separate local issues and local events sections.

If you are interested, please email me (see my profile or respond in this diary) and tell me which edition you are interested in. My success in helping people organize depends on a large and active readership, so I need your help! Please subscribe and please spread the word.

Thank you!

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