Glenn Reynolds, in solidarity with his bro’ John Derbyshire on the National Review‘s “The Corner” blog, bemoans a paucity of interesting, newsworthy events:


Given the pace of events over the past few years, I think this is a good thing. Though I may have to start blogging about cookware, or razors or something if things don’t pick up.

Hmm. Maybe power tools!

Derbyshire wrote Sunday: “And… is it me, or is it a fact, that we’re going through an exceptionally dry spell news-wise? According to TV, Drudge, and America’s Newspaper of Record , the big news when I got back from Atlanta was that some outsider had won the Kentucky Derby. Zzzzzz.”

Can you help Glenn and John by suggesting some news stories they might have missed? (Those boys don’t miss much that matters to them. So maybe you can extol the virtues of all the stories they found unworthy? Or suggest sources for them beyond TV and Drudge?)

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