Tim Roemer a Pro-Life moderate Democrat is about to announce his run for the Senate against Republican Richard Lugar.

“Informed and reliable Democratic sources” tell the Howey Political Report that former Rep. Tim Roemer (D-IN) “is seriously considering a 2006 challenge to U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar… Roemer confidants tell HPR that a statewide head-to-head poll taken by Garin-Yang last week had Lugar leading Roemer by 41-39 percent. It also revealed that 36 percent felt the country was on the right track and 53 percent felt the country was on the wrong track. Previous published polls in Indiana have had Senator Lugar with approval ratings in the 70th percentile.”


More below the fold:
This is great because with Roemer only 2 percentage points behind with 25% of Indiana voters not even knowing Roemer well this gives us an excellent chance to win this seat.

If Roemer can win and Casey in Pennsylvania, Tester in Montana, McCaskill in Missouri and maybee if we can get Langevin to run in Rhode Island that could give us
5 seats and a 50 – 50 tie. This is great news!

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