So we can’t broadcast liberalism the way we’d like to.  Let’s do our part and “broadcast” it when we can!

I called into the local chickenhawk show because the topic of an eye for an eye came up.  I hate the “if the Old Testament fits, wear it,” attitude by many conservatives.  I thought about pointing that out, but figured I’d have about 5 seconds to express my point.

After listening to the long litanies of kiss ass wingnuts sucking up to the host, I finally got stewed enough to dial up the number.  The show is in a city of maybe 300k so it’s not the hugest listernship…but anywhere is a start, right?!

The caller before me was trying to trick the host into a little logic box but was getting more angry when the host wouldn’t bite….something about having the goodwill of the world after 9/11.

Remain calm…I reminded myself.  Stay on point, and it’s a good one…

And then, click!  I was on. (more below fold)

Manders:  Now we go to ——

Me:  Thanks for taking my call.  I wanted to say, about an eye for an eye, that philosophy plays right into Osama’s hands.

Manders:  How so?

Me:  Well, I’ve read Osama’s speeches and he’s said he’s going to bleed us out, soldier by soldier, dollar by dollar.  I say bring our boys back home and pullout.

Manders:  Bush said that we’re going to start pulling out in December.

Me:  Listen, Osama gave us his playbook and diagrammed the plays he’s running against us.  Just my opinion but I think it’s pretty foolish to play right into Osama’s hands.;

Manders:  Maybe you’re right my friend…breathlessly but after Iraq we’re going to go into Syria and then Iran!  

Break to commericial-End of Call

I wish I would have had a chance to ask him, “with what army are you planning that?” but the phone was cut.

This will be an inevitable end (the phone cut off) to those of you that do call in and poke a hole in their world view.  Stay on point! 😉

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