The recent breaking news about the ‘memogate’ new developments has me torn in wanting to celebrate but then filled with incredible sadness and anger.
Why am I sad and angry?  
Well for starters I am sad for my Iraqi friend ‘Diva’ resident of Baghdad.  The last time I heard from her was May 9th.  This was part of our last chat on instant messaging:

Diva(5/9/2005 10:00:48 AM): :I’ve been going through hell and this afternoon it all culminated in one big problem
dianed101 : what, well tell me Diva
Diva: the last few days were heated conflict with my landlord and his family
Diva: today was my first day at a new job, it was going pretty well, but when I got back I found that mom was attacked by the guy’s oldest son
and my uncle got involved,the police interfered the bastard got out of the police station in an instant
dianed101: and now what
Diva: typical of the current situation in Iraq
dianed101: yes I gather that,
 what do you do now
Diva: I’m trying to pick up some necessary stuff and move to my uncle’s house for a while

dianed101: are you taking your computer
Diva: no not for the while,they too don’t have enough space there, I’m going to have to restrict myself to my most important personal items,
but if I’m well settled at this new job I can maintain a contact there
dianed101 : do you have computer there with access
 and Diva I am sending you all my love and bunches of hugs
dianed101: yes at work will you have computer
Diva: yeah sure
Diva: thank you Diane
dianed101 : I love you Diva
Diva: there isn’t much of me left for somebody to love
dianed101 : Oh yes there is plenty
dianed101 : plenty, plenty, plenty
dianed101 : and I feel love going to you from your many friends around the world

Diva : looking at myself this evening I wouldn’t think so
dianed101 : well Diva, please take heart, there may be only up from now on, I am so hoping that your life starts on the upswing now
dianed101 : I know you don’t think so, but it can happen, things can change
Diva : well Diane I just needed to send a quick note to the person helping me with the scholarship at the embassy
dianed101 : yes hopefully, always keep the hope alive and I mean this Diva, I am counting on you to keep hope alive inside yourself
dianed101: Ok Diva
Diva : I neeed to get some stuff ready to take with me tomorrow after work
dianed101 : I understand
Diva : and then jump instantly to bed
dianed101 : contact me as soon as you have a chance, by and I love you remember that
Diva : I can’t feel my body…It’s been a crazily hard day
Diva : but I promise I’ll do my best
dianed101 : thank you dear Diva
Diva : to e-mail tomorrow or even get online if time allows
dianed101 : ok by
Diva : talk to you later
Diva: take care
Diva (5/9/2005 10:13:11 AM): bye bye Diva

That was my last contact with my friend, May 9, 2005.

Where is she, is she still alive, is she in a hospital somewhere?  None of this needed to happen.  She did not need to live like this and go through this and face death everyday.
She has never missed this much time without contacting me, even if it’s just a line or to on instant chat, waiting for me when I woke up in the morning.

Yes I am, happy, sad and angry all at once.

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