Hi Fellow Boomers!!

Well now is the time to vote on the name of our brand new commnuity center, just built by all the loving hands of Booman Tribune. Isn’t it lovely, look around you notice all the amenities.  Pool Table, ping pong, frog pond to take a dip in, snack bar over to the side and every Friday the Happy Hour will be running with Cabin Girl as host and Dammit Janet behind the bar with her trusty blender at the ready.  
Of course Friday will be dance night as well, so bring your dancing shoes, we will be led in a ‘square dance’ by Shirlstars, I am sure.

*Update: These are the sign ups as of 4:29 PM, PDT*
Now we need sign ups to Host the diary of the day at our community center.
So far we have

Cabin Girl: Friday
Diane101: Wed
Kansas: Thur.
babaloo: Mon.

I don’t remember who else said they would host a day, we lost all that in computer glitch, so you will have to sign up again, we now have 5 days open for hosting.
Later on when this gets going we may change that or substitute names for different days, let’s see how it goes.
If you do sign up for a day and can’t do it every week you can always ask someone else to host for the day.
I am trying to think of everything to put in here, but I am sure I have forgotten something.
Aloha wants a once a month Birthday theme, and I am hoping she will volunteer for that one, it could be on a Wed. and then can subsitute for my Wed. diary.
So let’s discuss, but meanwhile come on in and have some fun and have some good visits with your friends gathered here.

Now all we need to do is name this place.  Following is a list of names suggestions as posted on the previous diary.  My personal favorite is Froggy Bottoms Cafe, and I think the tie in with Foggy Bottoms, a la Washington, DC, is very apropos.
So lets vote and by the way, the joint is open for business.  
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