I DID Promise You a Rose Garden!

Totem pole in the northeast corner of the rose garden welcomes visitors


The plaque on the base of the totem pole reads:


The totem represents young animals, an eagle on top, arms sheltering a human head, right arm is a salmon, the left arm is a raven. The phallic shape below is more like a fin. The base is a young bear cradling a wolf or fox. Intrigued now, I will be checking the library for more information on the date it was sculpted and the carver of the pole.

The garden itself lies between my home and the local library. It’s always part of my morning stroll, these days while in its June glory.

Rose garden facing south
This is the view of the road into ‘downtown.’ It’s a busy road travelled by people coming off the BC ferries crossing the Strait of Georgia.

Looking south east
Petals were falling like snow as I took this photo. What a celebration, just to be here at this moment.

North path into Library grounds
This is a wonderful place to read, set back from the street. In the early morning, there are cat meetings held here. They come out from under a thick hedgerow and walk up to greet me. Then they greet each other with a variety of responses.

Now for the characters. If anyone out there can identify these beauties please do so. I just call them by their colours, although I do recognize a David Austen rose when I see one. There are none in this garden.

White rose in the morning light, the scent is very sweet
I was told the white rose is more fragrant because it saves all its energy for its scent. I love the way they reflect the colour around them, a little yellow in the morning sun, more blue in the evening.

Yellow roses have a lemony scent

Red velvety rose


Ending with an elegant white rose

What is happening in your garden this week, today? Let us know, if you are not into posting images, post a garden poem or story, or paint a word picture of your garden.

[I am posting this early, it is 12:44am EDT, so I can sleep late tomorrow. Hope to wake up to read your comments with my morning coffee.]

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