Imagine you’re looking at the side of a milk bottle over your morning cereal.

Missing blogger: Ductape Fatwa
Last wrote: 5 June 2005
Last Known Whereabouts: An error occurred while trying to process this directive.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Pronounced tendency to speak inconvenient truths, make eloquent observations and deliver pithy witticisms. Marked dislike of imperialism.
Favourite saying: “One man’s conspiracy is another man’s business plan.”
All flippancy aside, Ductape Fatwa hasn’t been around here or dKos now since 5/6. His blog hasn’t been updated since 1/6. Usually he’s a fairly prolific writer.

I dropped him an email back on 11/6 but haven’t had any response so far.

While not wanting to sound alarmist, I am becoming alarmed.

So I’m wondering — are there any Bootribbers out there who have heard from Ductape since 5/6? Is there anyone who knows him offline who could check he’s OK?

And Ductape — if you’re reading this, could you please drop us a line?

Update [2005-6-27 7:36:48 by dove]: Below TeresaInPa mentions that DF’s account at has been logged into as recently as 22/6. Hopefully that means all is well.

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