Ok Booman, since you broke your own rule I take it as a license.  No, really, I don’t watch TV, blogs have become my main source of information as well as online news outlets.

I really, really like the folks over there, despite differing opinions.  IT IS THE NEW SETUP!  Jeez, it is such a pain to navigate now.
So please, Booman, keep the diaries at the right side of the page and front page topics in the center.  I’M PLEADING WITH YOU!  Really, my eyes go buggy with Kos’s new setup.

I stayed out of the pie-wars, not one comment despite strong feelings about it.  In fact, I teach feminist critical theory in my lit. classes (Kristeva, Gilbert, Sontag, Cixious, Butler, etc.) and I am on the pro-pornography side of the very long debate between different feminist factions.  I refuse to argue the subject in a knee-jerk way but rather in an “academic” mode of argument.  So I held my tongue and considered everyone’s position objectively.

So that is definately not why I wrote this diary.  This is a diary pleading with Booman not to muck up the site – if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

Thanks for a friendly site on the eyes, Booman, that’s my 2 cents.

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