Ok, another ranting diary about some idea I think is important, but this is probably just pushing some better “scoop story” off of the list.

One difference I have noticed between myself and friends of mine on the wrong side of the political spectrum is that I have heard policies justified in terms of its importance in regards to tradition.

I believe that tradition alone is not enough to justify anything.

At first glance, I can understand how someone might read this and think this is some sort of attack on tradition, but that is not my intention at all. All I mean is that if someone is going to invoke something’s importance there must be a clear reason aside from the sole fact that it is a tradition.

There are many traditions I partake in. As a non-believer, I celebrate Christmas each year. I enjoy the tradition of getting together with friends and family and playing some ridiculously cheesy music, it’s effin great. But, those reasons I have for enjoying the holiday are exactly why I enjoy the tradition.

Just as it would be absurd to justify slavery as a form of tradition, arguments against marriage of peoples of certain sexual orientation ring a similar tone. I’m sure we all see bummer stickers explaining that marriage is between a man and a woman. There is no logic in these arguments, but a will to preserve some false image of history in the “good old days” where homosexuality didn’t exist (no, most people have not studied Ancient Greece).

In the end, I have no problem with many traditions, but I could explain to you why each one of those had some value. If tradition is ever to be invoked as a justification, it follows that a second justification is necessary.

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