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George and Laura Bush posing for photographers with a couple of local children in front of Blair Castle

(APE) The first couple arrived today in Scotland prior to the start of the G-8 summit. They immediately set out to enjoy a number of the local customs, including a kilt for the President.

“I actually found it quite liberatimg,” said Mr. Bush. “A lotta people don’t know it but these skirts were designed for action, and that’s me, a man of action.”

“Many people don’t know that about George,” stated Mrs. Bush, “But he really loves to play dress up, and horse around a lot… or…er, dress up a lot, and play around with horses… whatever…”

Many locals appeared to be won over with the first couple’s candor.
The first lady winked at the president and said,”Now why do they refer to this as the ‘Great-8’ anyway? On a given day it seems more like it ought to be called a ‘Good-4’, or a ‘Passable-6’, at best. Well, I suppose that size isn’t everything…It does stay fairly cold here in Scotland”

Difficult talks are scheduled in the coming days to address poverty in Africa. The President has threatened that he may pull out if birth control becomes an issue.

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