Perhaps it’s just not very nice,
To joke of selling the Eskimos ice.
But son of a gun,
It’s a heck of a pun,
Bush is now trying to sell China Rice!

(seven more after the fold)
The suicide bombings continue,
With Iraq as al-Qaida’s new venue
This Presidential lame duck,
To his own flypaper’s stuck,
So long as rendition remains on the menu.

From Clinton’s history she’s just been excused,
Now Paula Jones feels her ego’s been bruised.
So she says `carpe diem’!
She’ll just visit his museum!
And she’s cryptically sponsored… Fox News?

Cyrus Kar the documentary maker,
Is to be released from America’s green acre.
He’ll be back from Iraq,
His appendages intact.
Seems this unwitting mule was no faker.

Upsetting just briefly the flora,
A rocket burst through the aurora.
Japan’s new M-5,
Is really alive!
Not something aimed at Godzilla or Gamora.

As Florida braces for Hurricane Dennis,
They’re fanning hopes they won’t soon look like Venice.
When the tidal surge ebbs,
From the state of ol’ Jeb
Will it wash away this bigger government menace?

There is news from the land of Cathay,
Of skateboarding wiz-kid, Danny Way.
He’s jumped the Great Wall,
Did it four times in all!
While Gengis Khan depended on meelee.

“Rush Hour Three may be in the trash can,”
Says martial artist film star Jackie Chan.
Friend and co-star Chris Tucker,
Fears he’ll be played for a sucker.
When egos clash there can be no stuntman.

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