Pay no attention to the latest diversionary tactic out of the criminal White House. Let’s not even talk about the SCOTUS smokescreen. Please, let us not feed into the news cycle.

We have unfinished business w/ Karl Rove and associated other Bush Admin. neanderthals. Let’s not get caught up in their misdirection play. What can we do to demand MSM coverage of Rove’s crimes and the larger issues, namely abuse of power and the treason of deceiving a nation and its people into war?

We need to grind this SCOTUS nomination talk to a halt. I suppose a national strike would be better received at the European Tribune, so how about a SCOTUS discussion strike? Time to write LTEs on the hour every hour to every network and print source to demand answers regarding Rove and the related larger crimes against our Nation and its people?

Fellow Boos, let’s light the blogosphere on fire w/ this singular question… what are the means that we the people have at our disposal to direct the news cycle back to the Rovian and Bushian crimes?

Any bright ideas out there?

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