Have you heard about the Conservative Schooler aka Andy Nevin? He is the 15 year old kid in Sacramento who has started his own blog, California High School Conservative, on blogspot. He is naive and ill informed. Let’s convert him.

Nevin has gotten a ton of attention recently for starting a petition to get CA Attorney General Bill Lockyer to remove a piece of art called “T’anks to Mr. Bush”  from an exhibit of art by various lawyer/artists on display in the Department of Justice cafeteria. The piece, by Stephen Percy, depicts a red, white and blue map of the United States sinking into the toilet.

I just spent some time at the kid’s site, and it is both frightening and sad that this 15 year old is so brainwashed. I suppose even Hitler had his Youth. Among the more disconcerting of his posts, Nevin has a post comparing Bush’s lies about Iraq and WMD to FDR not telling the nation we were aiding the British before the official declaration of war against Germany in WWII. In a second post, he calls the ruling to remove the redistricting ballot measure (supported by [gasp] one million Californians!) from the special election ballot “judicial tyranny,” when it was nothing of the sort. Please take a minute to go over to his site and post a well reasoned argument against one of his idiotic and naive posts. You may also want to encourage him to put up or shut up by enrolling in the military after he graduates high school.

For what I wrote, see across the break.
Regarding the painting:

We live in a country founded on the idea that we the people should be actively involved in improving it. Criticism of our government is not only a right, but a patriotic duty. Sometimes, that means making shocking statements to get public attention for your cause.

It is perfectly clear that this artist LOVES America, but hates the current administration for what he feels it has done to America. You can disagree with his opinion, but the mere fact it is being discussed shows that he has gotten the attention he was seeking, and that it is indeed a celebration and reaffirmation of our basic right to free speech.

As Republican Teddy Roosevelt said:

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. (1918)”

Regarding FDR’s lies vs Bush’s lies:

What? You can’t seriously be comparing Germany in the 1940s with Iraq in the 2000s? Wow… that is remarkably naive. FDR lied, but look at the context!

Germany was actually a threat with an aggressive and mighty military, while Iraq was neither a threat nor had any military might whatsoever. Germany was actively at war with our allies and had declared war on the U.S. Iraq was not and had not. FDR did not need to fix the intelligence to make a case for war, Bush did. Hitler was on a rampage, Saddam was a bad guy, but he was contained. Entering WWII – not a mistake. Invading Iraq – mistake.

To compare the two situations is sickening.

PS. I assume that you will be signing up for military service once you graduate high school? If you really think this war is worth it, then you need to make the sacrifice and put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, you are a chicken-hawk hypocrite just like your dear leader and most of his administration.

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