George and Laura Bush on a special private portrait showing tour at “The National Gallery”

Washington DC (APE) – The President and the first lady took a much needed break away from turmoil and declining polls to do some portrait shopping. Commissioned in secret by the First Lady, a number of artists displayed works that they hoped might become the official portrait For George V Bush. The National Gallery was closed to visitors today as the President evaluated the works with Mrs. Bush and the gallery’s director. Mr. Bush was said to be “humbled” and “a little tearful” from the experience.
White House spokesperson Scott McClellan stated, “We felt it was time to now define this administration, and indeed the man, President Bush, for posterity. We selected from a number of themes, from the President’s role in the War on Terror as a fighting President at a time of strife, to the simple man with simple thoughts and values who has led this great country to where it is today. Above all we wanted class and taste with a nod towards The President’s base.”

Two of the portraits under consideration by the President and the First Lady

Mr. Bush refused comment about which portrait was in the running stating, “It would be inappropriate for me to comment or speculate while a grand juried exploration is underway… I just will not do that.”

Mrs. Bush was later rumored to have leaked a statement to the fact that the President was most taken by two particular portraits, one referencing 9/11, and another more casual pose with his trademark cowboy hat. He was reported to have asked if the two concepts could be merged.

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