Katherine Harris says photoshoppers are screwin’
With the make-up that she says she’s eschewin’
Well, if she thinks that it’s best,
Dood will give it a rest.
I’ll abide with this Katherine, no foolin’…

(six more after the fold)
Shaped charges by the US were cited,
For more death and destruction ignited.
They all come from Iran,
Says Rumsfeld’s Pentagon,
With Shiias and Sunnis united.

Personnel and equipment have surged,
To a Russian mini-sub trapped submerged.
It ran afoul of some nets.
The crew of seven men sweats.
Post Kursk, seems their navy has splurged.

Iran has turned down the EU,
Responding to the proposal, “PU!”
They refuse to forsake,
Rights to enrich yellow cake,
Risking a hail of American DU.

Mr Blair must have Bush really droolin’,
With his tough attitude of no foolin’.
He’ll have all those deported,
Who’ve to dissention resorted,
Before long he’ll have all England mewlin’.

It’s the birthday of the Nuclear Rage
Today atomic warfare was first waged.
In the sixty years hence,
There’s not been much recompense,
As we fight to keep this demon assuaged.

Mrs. Murphy from Eddie has split,
Declaring their marriage unfit.
Marriage left on the skids,
Both now think of their kids,
In filing this dispassionate writ.

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