[From the diaries by susanhu.] If Cindy Sheehan does not have a political agenda, she ought to.  She’s entitled to it because her son died in the service of his country.  The thing Cindy Sheehan most wants she cannot have.  She cannot hug her son.  She cannot offer him motherly advice about his girlfriend, his eating habits, or the music he plays too loud in his car.  You know, the normal stuff that mothers around this country, who love their sons, do because they can’t help themselves.

So, here’s my suggestion of some items for the political agenda:
First and foremost, get an apology.  The President betrayed his trust to your son as the Commander-in-Chief and started a needless war that ended your son’s life.  He owes you a heartfelt, personal apology.

Second, insist the President apologize to the country for the monumental mistake of taking us to war for wrong reasons, in the wrong way.  The events leading up to the war have dramatically undermined the confidence of the American people in their leaders.  The miserable conduct of the war’s aftermath has resulted in the needless deaths of Americans and Iraqis.  His recklessness has lead to deaths of our children and theirs.

Third, insist he hold someone accountable.  Someone failed to provide accurate intelligence.  Someone failed to provide sound analysis.  Someone failed to adequately plan for the aftermath of invading Iraq.  If Bush truly wants to be the War President then act like a leader and hold the people responsible for these failures accountable for their actions.  At the end of the day, this requires that George Bush hold himself accountable.

Finally, keep faith with the men and women have put on the uniform and carried arms on behalf of their nation.  We must do more than honor their service with empty words.  We must ensure that those wounded, physically and mentally, receive all the healing powers at our disposal.  We must ensure those who have returned alive have economic opportunities and can earn a living wage.  And, we must ensure that the survivors of those who have died, particularly the children, are cared for.

Those who shed their blood because they trusted George Bush to tell them the truth must be honored in death by holding the man accountable for betraying the sacred trust that exists in a democracy between a commander and his soldiers.  George Bush has betrayed Casey Sheehan and more than 1800 of his comrades in arms in sending them to war.  It is time for him to make reparations to the grieving families and a wounded nation.

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