Fulltime Democratic candidate Steve Young announced this morning an action-oriented approach as a Anti-Governator reaction to the scheduling of the Primary Election on Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan thereby insulting two major communities at once.

This action is essentially a religious nulification of the right to vote for the voting age person who strictly follows the rules of their beliefs.

The Steve Young for Congress Campaign will deliver to all Jewish and Islamic organizations and temples/mosques absentee ballots for use in both the Primary,of course the date in question, and General Election, if a General Election is necessary. Each organization shall have enough ballots for every voting age member.

Steve Young said this morning, “To ask people to violate their religous beliefs in order to express their political will, regardless of Party affiliation, isn’t the American way. These absentee ballots will allow each person to both express their political views and honor their beliefs at the same time. This is a heartfelt commitment of our campaign.”

This statement comes directly from Steve Young.

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