Oh, Halliburton’s hand is not out to give, but to take. I searched Google News, with many search term combos, for any report of Halliburton’s donations to Katrina’s victims. Nothing. But, when I changed my search to “Halliburton Katrina,” look what came up:

As my aunt used to say, some of us are takers, some of us are givers. Did any of you hear that auto mechanic on MSNBC yelling about Bush’s speech? “He ain’t gonna be president no mo’.” (Poor guy. He thinks that being angry at Bush will get rid of him?) I’ve asked Crooks & Liars to get us the video ASAP. MORE BELOW:
MSNBC reporter: Bodies are all over. The reporter says she has seen one body that’s been in the street for three days. People are hanging out of office building windows, waving frantically for rescue. But no one can get to them.

In the meantime, more from my Halliburton Katrina search results at Google News:

And do you think that Halliburton’s Web site has a SINGLE WORD about Katrina or the Red Cross? No.

Meanwhile, people wander the streets and freeways aimlessly. They don’t know where to go. One 50+-year-old woman was just on MSNBC begging the stores to open so she could get a loaf of bread.

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