We are not being told the truth of what has happened. The entire Gulf Coast has been destroyed.

Here’s what is going to happen. This is very forward looking – bear with me and consider it, please. It is not tin foil hat. It’s premise is based on understanding of the present, which I don’t have the time or ability to explain.

If you understand the present, you can predict the future. I claim that understanding of the present.

Gradually we will become aware that hundreds, perhaps thousands of people died in the days following the Hurricane because no one came to rescue them. Just today President Bush was told on CNN in Mobile by a helicopter pilot that the number of people stranded and being rescued by helicopter is “never ending”.

New Orleans will not be rebuilt. It will be abandoned. It has been completly destroyed by water damage. 80 percent of the housing must be torn down. The city, being below sea level cannot be rebuilt and undergo the same scenario in an era of global warming and uncertain climatic conditions

The Refugees from New Orleans alone are really in the neighborhood of 300,000 people who are also poor in terms of financial resources. They will be put in guarded tent cities or “internment” domes and stadiums, which will be heavily guarded and monitored. No admission or exit without authorization. There are perhaps several hundred thousand more black and white rich and poor that now have absolutely nothing. No income, no housing, no job and no possible rescue from being homeless. There maybe 500,000 to ONE MILLION people who will have to be put into internment camps for “security reasons” where access is restricted. These people will be heavily guarded to protect them against “roving gangs of predators”. This will be the logic, the excuse for the internment camps and their restrictions.

These people who will be put into these camps will riot. The rioting will spread to other cities. They will riot because they will not like being put into the camps on a restrictive basis and the nation will react with civil unrest. Bush will call on a “zero tolerance” policy for civil unrest. This will lead to more unrest and mass jailings.

The President will say that the people in the camps are being protected. Restrictions on coming and going are for their protection. They are free to leave, he will say, they simply need to register so we know of their whereabouts. But in fact they will be restricted as the government is essentially afraid of them. This attitude will backfire on the government and they will riot and the government will use the rioting as an excuse for further Police State type actions in the internment areas and in cities where the rioting breaks out. Press coverage will be restricted in the United States. At some point cameras will not be allowed (only under supervised guided tours) into the camps for “security reasons”.

Bush will emphasize the need for Americans to open their doors to the homeless families. Many people will respond. But they will not allow the people to stay for months; only weeks and these people will have problems relocating if they do not go to the camps.

Gas prices will injure the economy. The nation will grow angry with the Administration and there will be calls for the President to step down, to resign. He will not resign. He will adopt a position of extreme law and order. He will have the support of his Christian base. It will keep him afloat.

Patrick Fitzgerald will not indict the President or Vice President Dick Cheney on the Valerie Plame scandal. But there may be a couple of indictments, which will add to calls for the president to step down. I think there is a good chance that even Karl Rove may not be indicted. The Hurricane debacle will relegate this scandal to the middle of the news not the front pages.

The war in Iraq will become even more unpopular. Bush will not pull troops out of Iraq in massive numbers. Permanent bases will remain in construction. The Iraqi government will turn against the United States. The Republicans running in Novemeber will distance themselves from the President…to a point. But they will endorse his zero tolerance for civil unrest policies.

The United States is moving inexorably toward a security state. That is a nice way of putting it. There will be a rational explanation for the actions of the government. Some will accept it. Those who do not accept this will be suppressed. Those who stay silent will be allowed to continue. This period of time in our nations history is a time where people are passive. This is not a reactionary time and it is unlikely to become one. The rioting will be put down brutally. It will stop. The nation will move farther to the right than ever before imagined as the “Security State” will establish itself as a protector of America from both internal and external terrorism. Rioters outside of the camps will be equated with terrorist and there will actually be charges of collusion.

You have to understand that according to the president. “The entire Gulf Coast has been obliterated.” President Bush said that. Put it all together and I believe this is what will transpire.

President Bush is a danger to this nation. Whatever damage the Hurricane did in its aftermath, President Bush will match and match it brutually.

His psychological state is something that really needs more exploration. He is actually very easy to understand.

 He is emotionally disturbed with a very common hatred/love of his father. He cannot fathom this hatred and it manifests itself as suicidal self destruction tempered, channeled and given focus and direction by his “conversion to Christianity”. This conversion allows an unbridled rage of hatred against all living things including himself to become directed with a beginning middle and end scenario of sacrafice and punishment.

Sacrafice and punishment of others first. Then his own – which will most likely never come- because he will not have time or power to accomplish it.

His self destruction works from the periphery inward. Things fartherst away are destroyed first, until he ultimately arrives at himself.

His ultimate goal is simply to destroy. His conversion to Christianity provides the cover or rationalization for that destruction.

It would be a good idea if he were removed from his position.

I am sorry I do not have references to document all these incredible assumptions. They are either a result of my own disturbed thinking or just having confidence in my perceptions.

But time will tell. And it won’t take long to find out.

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