I had a thought today that I want to share.  There have been many reports in the past few days that the rebuilding of New Orleans and other Gulf coast areas may be the first time we see the Bushist doctrine in full effect.  Relax environmental regulations, lower the minimum wage, and basically complete the process of drowning government in the bathtub. The prospect of this grand GOP experiment is scaring a lot of people on the left, as it should.  What might New Orleans look like after two or three years of this mockery of social values, and how do we, the minority party, prevent it?  I’ll tell you how.  The call for help must come from the victims of Katrina.  If they get organized and declare as a group that it is not ok to lower minimum wage, the door will be open for Democrats to step in.  The Bushist doctrine is – in very obvious ways – counterproductive to helping those people affected.  The administration is undercutting their own self-described goals by taking this approach, and they should be called on it by the people whose voice matters most right now.

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